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Side Effects of Penis Extenders

December 1st, 2012

Increasing the penis length of the males has been the hope of almost all the males in the world. In order to do so, a lot of products in the market are being sold and advertised that claims that they are all effective in increasing the penis length of as much of a certain percent.

Among the many products being presented out there, one gets confused on which product he should purchase.

Recently, a certain mechanical product called penis extender is becoming common among men who wish to increase their penis size.

What are these penis extenders?

These penis extenders are devices that being worn on the penis to increase penis strength.

Its mechanism is that it has a spring that tract the shaft of the penis which then induces mitosis (cell division) to increase the number of cells which eventually leads to the growth on the size of the penis.

These penis extenders come in different types and forms depending on what the consumer prefers.

One can wear these penis extenders for a couple of hours in a month and results usually become apparent after four to six months of use.

Are these penis extenders effective?

According to one study, these penis extenders are effective up to 30 percent in increasing the length of a man’s penis. After twelve months, there was an increase in the length of the men’s penis of about two centimeters on the average.

However, there was no significant increase in the penis girth. Also, the sexual performance of these men were also claimed to have improved after using the penis extenders.

Are there any side effects from using penis extenders?

If one is not able to purchase the proper and quality penis extender product, one might be able to experience side effects that are not usually experienced when one uses these extenders properly.

  • Pain – since this product has becoming popular, there are a lot of cheap and ineffective products being sold in the market. If one would use this instead of those quality ones, he might be able to experience pain while using it since these cheap products might have not considered the fact that the penis is a sensitive organ. Therefore, one might experience pain while using these extenders.
  • Skin irritation – again, the cheaper products might cause skin irritation on the penis shaft. It apparent that the penis is a very sensitive organ, any slight irritant on it can cause irritation such as contact dermatitis (and we all know that we don’t want this to happen).
  • Blood Vessel Damage – the penile blood vessels play the most important role in having the penis erect. Thus if there are any damage on the blood vessels, it could cause impotence on the user. It is therefore important that the strap must be worn properly to avoid the blood vessels because it may pose possible damages to it.

Before one wishes to use this product, one must consult an expert before use in order to avoid the harmful side effects that may cause lifetime impotence.

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